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Newsletter: Christine Manfield on her career and inspirations + we indulge in Indian puddings!

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From Paramount Cooking to Dessert Divas with Christine Manfield

Christine Manfield is a culinary powerhouse whose career over three decades has helped shape modern Australian cuisine. Through her restaurants in Australia and London, her culinary tours and classes, and her many cookbooks, she has inspired and delighted with her global recipes and bold flavors.
Fellow cookbook author Roberta Muir sat down with Manfield to discuss her career – what drives her, and some of the many delicious places that has taken her. We are delighted to bring you that conversation, and six of Manfield’s very tempting books!
Revered as a chef and the founder of several hot-ticket restaurants, Manfield also took time to travel extensively in search of more inspiration to drives her eternal curiosity for food and flavor. She now leads Food Safari tours, with destinations which have spanned India, South America, the Middle East and in Europe, sharing her knowledge and passion. Her recipes reflect this eclectic and wide-ranging gastronomic interest and understanding.
Talking to Muir she shares some of her favorites, such as the Five-Spice Duck and Shiitake Mushroom Pies with Ginger Glaze, which were so popular at her Paramount restaurant that they were never off the menu. She has a formidable reputation as a pastry chef, with one of her creations being set as the ultimate challenge on MasterChef Australia 2012. She talks us through the creation of this signature Gaytime dessert in its many iterations.
There are countless tempting recipes in Manfield’s books, your only difficulty will be what to choose. Why not try Masala Prawns with Lemon and Pine Nut Rice, followed by Saffron-Poached Pears Stuffed with Orange Cardamom Ice-Cream.
If Manfield’s recipes have got you thinking about the joy of global flavors, take a look at our Fusion Bookshelf.
Search all 1,300+ recipes in Christine Manfield’s books
Pictured above: Fish and Avocado Tacos from Fire: A World of Flavour by Christine Manfield

Sweet sweet India!

February 17 is Indian Pudding Day. Whether you grew up snacking on Burfi and tucking into Gulab Jamun and Carrot Halwa, or not, Indian puddings are very well worth celebrating. Characterised by the aromatic fragrance of spice, often with deeply caramelised elements, Indian puddings are sticky and very sweet – a true treat.

Search Indian Desserts for inspiration – such as this Polenta Kheer and this recipe for Jalebis.
Or search using the name of one dish, and find all we have on the subject, such as this wealth of recipes for Kulfi, India’s wonderful ice cream. Then you can choose from Rose Petal and Cardamom Kulfi, Spiced Coffee Kulfi, and many more.

What's cooking in #ckbkclub Facebook Group

What have you been cooking from our #ckbkclub Cookbook of the Month – Eleanor Ford's A Whisper of Cardamom?
Gabriela Saenz-Shelby made Chocolate Mousse for Lovers:
"I was intrigued by the chocolate mousse version in The Whisper of Cardamom and I made it today. The results were stunning. Loved it! The hint of cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper really surprised me in the best of ways. The recipe yields for three generous portions."

Why not share your experiences of cooking from this book? Apply to join and tell us in #ckbkclub.

Eleanor Ford in conversation at the North London Book Festival

Eleanor Ford, author of A Whisper of Cardamom, will be speaking about spice and baking with food writer Orlando Murrin on the final day of the North London Book Fest on Sunday March 24. Murrin is the author of the newly published culinary murder mystery Knife Skills for Beginners, described by the publisher as "Richard Osman meets MasterChef".
Tickets will be on sale in shortly – sign up here to be kept informed about the festival. 

Ingredient spotlight: Spelt

Spelt is a species of wheat grain. Highly nutritious, containing more protein than ordinary wheat, the grain can be cooked and eaten whole, flaked, or ground into white or wholegrain flour. It has a sweet, nutty taste, which lends itself to both sweet and savory dishes.
Try Overnight Spelt Porridge, bake some English Buttermilk Wholemeal Spelt Muffins. Make a tasty lunch of some Roasted Mushrooms with Spelt, Walnuts and Spicy Greens and a loaf of Spelt Sourdough bread.
For more recipes that make the most of this wonderful grain, look at our 12 Ways with Spelt collection.

6 of the best recipes with wine

February 18 is National Drink Wine Day, and we recommend you – responsibly – do. But here at ckbk we are also all about the food! Here are six wonderful wine-infused recipes.

Bacon Meatballs with Port Wine-Bacon Marinara Sauce

from The Bacon Bible by Peter Sherman

Mushroom Bourguignon

from Simple and Delicious Vegan by Michaela Vais

Mussels, Fennel and Wine

from Solo by Signe Johansen

Lychee Plum Wine Shaved Ice

from Chinese-ish by Rosheen Kaul

Rice with Pork and White Wine

from A Sardinian Cookbook by Giovanni Piu and Roberta Muir

Pears Poached in Wine with Mascarpone Cream

from Pomegranates & Artichokes by Saghar Setareh
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