elBulli (series)

by Albert Adria, Ferran Adria and Juli Soler

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Recommended by

James Winter

Executive Editor, Saturday Kitchen

The first 'proper' chefs book I bought and studied and realised how little I knew. At the time I thought the UK was everything and this opened my eyes to a world of gastronomy. Its intense and almost undecipherable in places but utterly breathtaking.

Darren Purchese

Chef and owner, Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

No serious cookbook collection is complete without the guys that started it all. When I first saw these books I had never seen anything like it before. They changed everything and I was lucky enough to have eaten there before it closed.

Matt Gillan


One of the most beautiful books ever! I bought the spanish version because the english wasn't out at the time. Technique after technique, that still blows my mind.

Michael O'Hare


Technically the greatest cookbook I've ever seen. This would be my number 1 if the other two weren't so iconic.

Joel Serra Bevin


For the pure culinary genius that Adria brought to the world.

Donovan Cooke

Executive Chef and co-owner, The Atlantic Restaurant

My library wouldn't be the same without it

Andrew Dargue

Executive chef/owner

A book which is difficult to put down.

Raymond Sokolov

Food writer

Matthew Abergel

Co-Owner & Executive Chef of Yardbird, RŌNIN & Sunday’s Grocery

Jason Atherton

Chef and restaurateur

Chris Young

Co-founder of ChefSteps and author

Eelke Plasmeijer

Head Chef and owner, Locavore

Anthony Myint

Co-Founder - Mission Chinese Food, Commonwealth, The Perennial, Zero Foodprint

Tyson Cole

Partner/executive chef

Brett Graham

Head Chef of The Ledbury

Daniel Doherty

Executive chef, Duck & Waffle

Scott Hallsworth

Chef and restaurateur

Andrew Scott

Executive Head Chef of Restaurant 56 and Sudbury House Hotel