How to Cook Everything

by Mark Bittman

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John Wiley & Sons
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Recommended by

Ken Concepcion


A modern take on The Joy of Cooking. Any cook on any level can find a new revelation every time they pick it up. See also The Food Lab by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, which I put on the same level.

Beverly LeBlanc


The title is quite a claim and the book isn't quite that comprehensive, but this is my go-to reference source for straightforward, clear information and fail-proof recipes.

Melissa McCart

Food writer and restaurant critic

Mark always reminds me that cooking need not be precious and there are a lot of approaches to tackling a new dish (and anxiety need not be part of the experience).

Sheryl Kirby

Food writer

A more advanced “basic” cookbook, this is what I reference when I'm looking up recipes for something slightly more detailed.

Carolyn Jung

Food and wine writer

It's the perfect go-to resource book when you're in the middle of cooking something and have a question.

Lilian (Chinese Grandma)

Blogger, Chinese Grandma

A classic guide; Bittman's trademark minimalist approach, applied to everything.

Linda Anusasananan

Cookbook author

Good reference for basic directions, proportions, or baking temperatures.

Clay Williams

Photographer and blogger

My first go-to cookbook.

Emily Elsen

Owner & Founder, Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Amanda Feifer

Fermentation blogger and educator

Cathy Cochran-Lewis

Consultant and writer

Marvin J. Taylor

Director, Fales Library and Special Collections

Jane Tran

Executive Chef, Eat First

Ellen Schrecker

Professor of American History and author

Carey Polis

Editor, Bon Appetit

Jennifer Bushman

Culinary Consultant, Route to Market LLC

Alice Fotheringham and Catherine Gazzoli

Director (Alice) and Founder (Catherine) of Baby's Taste Journey

Monica Bhide

Food writer

Peter J Kim

Executive director of the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD)

Angela Duckworth

Psychologist and best-selling author

Marissa Nicosia

Assistant Professor at Penn State Abington