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Floyd's India

Floyd's India

by Keith Floyd


The well travelled chef describes India as a country akin to paradise – “Or,” he writes in this book, “it would be if I did not have to do pieces to camera and pose … while I deliver what are supposed to be words rich in information, with wit and enthusiasm.” It’s exactly Floyd’s inimitable wit and enthusiasm that make this such an engaging travelogue – that and his recipes for dishes he learned to make during his travels in Goa, Kerala, the Punjab, Mumbai and beyond.

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Selling over 60,000 copies in hardback, this book has proven to be a fantastic hit with Floyd and curry fans alike. A sumptuous read, the book features witty anecdotes and fascinating historical insights, as well as a whole sub-continent of delicious recipes!

Keith Floyd turns his attention to the remarkable continent of India. The greatness of India's cuisine lies in its regional foods and regional menus – Floyd travels throughout the country, comparing and contrasting the different food styles.

Floyd journeys from the green hill stations in the north of the country, through the bustling markets of Delhi, Calcutta and Madras, to the lush rice fields of the south. He'll cool off in the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean and take tiffin with sari-clad memsahibs. He uses the local specialities – the spices, mustard greens, dals, ghee, lotus seeds, almonds, and paneer – to create pasandas, kormas, koftas, bhajiyas, and all manner of spicy curry.

Throughout his travels, Floyd meets the local people, shop in local markets and cook according to custom. The sights and smells of India are brought to life with beautiful, evocative photography, and Floyd, as always, is an informative guide to this great country.

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Author profile: Keith Floyd

Author profile: Keith Floyd

A charismatic and influential British celebrity chef, Keith Floyd left an indelible mark on the culinary world. ckbk caught up with some of the people who worked with and have admired him over the years to get a flavor of the flamboyant figure who set the standard for TV shows and cookery book tie-ins after he burst onto TV screens in the 1980s.