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Floyd on Britain & Ireland

by Keith Floyd


British television personality Keith Floyd reminisces on the classic recipes from home in this navigation through Ireland and Great Britain’s favorite dishes. Just like Floyd, sip on a glass of wine while trying your hand at muliigatawny soup, cowheel pie, and sweetbreads English style.

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The successor to the bestselling Floyd on France! Keith Floyd's latest gastronomic journey takes him all over the British Isles and Ireland to discover whether British cookery deserves the truly appalling reputation it has gained for itself. To his considerable relief, he finds that the picture is much brighter than he'd imagined. Packed into this book, which accompanies his most recent BBC2 series, are hundreds of recipes that reflect the excellence of British and Irish cooking at their best. Ranged beside the delicious and imaginative gourmet dishes that are being created by a new generation of young, British-born cooks in some of our superb country restaurants and hotels are the more traditional pies, roasts, stews and puddings that recapture the tastes and flavours of the past. All of them are a celebration of the rich produce of the land — tender, well-hung meat, fresh-caught fish, succulent vegetables and sweet fruits, and delicate, subtle cheeses. The sort of food, in fact, that Keith used to enjoy as a boy in the Somerset countryside.

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Graham Garrett

Chef and owner of The West House

I know they were all books of the TV shows, but how could I not get excited by the recipes that introduced me to the likes of Gary Rhodes, Myrtle Allen and Rick Stein. It was watching and reading Floyd that made me want a restaurant.