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Veganuary: give plant-based cooking & eating a try

Tempeh Beet Reuben from I Can Cook Vegan by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Tempeh Beet Reuben from I Can Cook Vegan by Isa Chandra Moskowitz


January in the food world has become near-synonymous with Veganuary, the annual 31-day meat- and dairy-free challenge. More than a million people in 192 countries have taken part since Veganuary began back in 2014. If you’re one of them – or if you would like to know more about what vegan eating is all about – ckbk has a huge range of recipes and resources.

To keep things fresh we’ve put together a guide to help you discover new recipes and keep your month-long endeavor fun and interesting.

Gather inspiration from these popular vegan guides

Seeking vegan inspiration? ckbk’s collection of vegan cookbooks is vast and varied. Sue Quinn tells how to master the basics, from how to make non-dairy ‘milks’ to planning vegan menus, in Easy Vegan. For an A-Z of vegan ingredients and trends, from egg substitutes to fake meat, have a look at Jack Monroe’s Vegan(ish). To stock your vegan pantry with all the right ingredients, turn to Sasha Gill’s Jackfruit and Blue Ginger. Eat meat- and dairy-free while still indulging in all your favorites with the help of I Can Cook Vegan by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

Plus, you can easily filter any search for vegan recipes. Use the vegan checkbox, or simply search for the word ‘vegan’ in the main search box for recipes compatible with a vegan diet.

Explore the world of soy beyond tofu

If you are looking to expand your vegan cooking horizons, our Beyond Tofu recipe collection will take you ‘beyond tofu’, with dishes based on vegan proteins tempeh, seitan and yuba, as well as the versatile jackfruit.

Keep yourself well-fueled with a satisfying dinner

You’re determined to get through January fueled by plant-based goodness alone, but now the strain of coming up with appealing, filling meals is beginning to stress you out. Don't sweat it! We’ve pulled together a collection of substantial, hearty vegan meals that rate super-high on the deliciousness scale and that will also keep your appetite in check.

End the month on a sweet note

With so many great dairy- and egg-free products available, making great-tasting vegan desserts has never been easier. First brush up on a few vegan baking tips from Vegan Desserts author Hannah Kaminsky then try one (or two) of the imaginative desserts in our Vegan Sweet Treats collection, from cashew Crème Brûlée to a Bakewell Tart, and have a healthier start to the New Year – and satisfy the sweetest of sweet-tooths too.


Keep up the momentum! We’re offering 25% off Premium Membership to ckbk with code VEGANUARY.


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