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Jo Pratt is an acclaimed food writer, cook, food stylist and presenter. She creates inspirational modern recipes, using the best seasonal produce all with achievable results for the home cook. She has a unique style, which has seen her become a best – selling author, with eight cookbooks under her belt, and more in the pipeline! When she’s not writing books, you’ll also find Jo presenting recipes online, on TV, in your favourite food magazines, on stage performing live cookery demonstrations and hosting numerous workshops/cookery classes. Furthermore, Jo has collaborated with other three female chefs, to launch The Gorgeous Kitchen, an award-winning contemporary restaurant specialising in beautiful global cuisine made with British-grown produce at Heathrow’s Terminal 2. After completing a BA honours degree in Home Economics at Liverpool John Moores University, Jo headed to London to start her career in food, which soon saw her working with some of the biggest names in the industry including Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes, Heston Bluementhal and John Torode. Jo’s cooking style initially evolved from working with hugely talented restaurant chefs making the most delicious food – and translating their ideas into recipes for the everyday kitchen. She’s created a unique style and has become known for producing fail-safe, accessible and great looking recipes. They are written with her distinctive friendly and chatty manner, offering useful/practical tips and inspirational ideas along the way. The results are impressive recipes that we can all enjoy – whatever our ability, whatever the occasion. Jo is also co founder of The Cook Book Festival, which is currently in its second year. You can find out more information here Jo has previously been awarded a Gourmand writing award and was named one of Waterstone’s ‘Writers of the Future’ in 2008 to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

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It's a madhouse round here!

Daily life as we knew it has taken a change now that nurseries, schools, colleges and universities are closed and most people are working from home. The reality of this can throw many people into a spin, especially when it comes to mealtimes and the increased number you have to cook for. What you need are simple, quick, tasty, flexible and nutritious recipes that are suitable for all the family. The Madhouse Cookbook is brimming with recipes that are designed with this in mind, and ideal to turn to during this unusual situation we are all faced with right now. Here are some suggestions of the recipes I know I’ll be making over the coming weeks. There are plenty more just like this in the book. More than ever you will have plenty of distractions when preparing and cooking meals, so make sure you read recipes through before starting them. If you don’t have certain called for ingredients, don’t panic. Be practical about what you do have and make substitutions accordingly. This is a time to let your creativity blossom! Read more »

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