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Amor y Tacos

Amor y Tacos

By Deborah Schneider

Published 2010

Por todo mal, mezcal, y por todo bien, tambien.

For all ills, mezcal; and for all good, as well!

One should never drink without eating, and the reverse is equally true. A really good cocktail sends you off on a wet tangent, playing off the flavors of food, pairing tart and rich, sweetness and spice. Drinks are a way to enjoy pure flavor, often flavors that could not be created any other way.
If you can rethink food, why not drinks? A talented bartender brings the same creative flair to drinks as do chefs to food, utilizing fresh ingredients, stellar technique, and, often, artisanal recipes that haven’t been seen for decades. Far beyond merely tending the bar (itself an honorable profession) these inspired auteurs might make their own unusual syrups and mixes from scratch, infuse alcohol with wild flavors and colors, and as a result, create drinks that are unique. Along with this comes a new respect for artisanal spirits.