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Newsletter: Celebrating the women who taught us to cook + Nisha Katona’s Bold is now live!

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Nisha Katona’s new book packs a punch

When Nisha Katona brings out a new book it is always cause for celebration, and her latest is no exception. We are delighted to bring you Bold: Big Flavour Twists to Classic Dishe, launched on ckbk on publication day March 5. From Nisha's previous books, you will be familiar with her signature punchy flavors, deft use of spice, and recipes that are at once exciting and approachable, and rooted in the Indian food that reflects her heritage.

In Bold she takes that same skill and approach to flavor, but applies it to a global array of crowd-pleasing dishes, giving each a twist that instantly makes sense and gives it a new vibrant life.
Try Crunchy-Nut Chicken Burgers with Spicy Mayo, spice up your life with a Kashmiri Crusted Cote de Boeuf, turn the bread roll on its head with Bone Marrow and Biscoff Brioche, and add zing to your dessert with this Plum and Tamarind Strudel.
Nisha’s newest is Cookbook of the Month for March over on our #ckbkclub Facebook group. So get cooking, share pictures and tips, and let’s all be joyfully Bold!
Find all 80 recipes from Bold
Pictured above: Winter Pomegranate Panzanella from Bold: Big Flavour Twists to Classic Dishes by Nisha Katona

Here’s to the women who raised us

March 8 is International Women’s Day, March 10 is Mother’s Day in the UK. Many of us baked our first batch of cookies and stirred our first pot of something that smelled great to a hungry young tummy, under the watchful eye of the women who kept us fed and watered. These tastes stay with us, they feel right, taking us back to childhood and the ‘best’ chicken pie, lasagne, carrot cake or whatever it may be.

Chefs are no different — their family recipe for a dish is of course the very best, a testament to those first lessons learnt, and those first irreplaceable tastes.
Which is why there is a rich vein of cookery books that acknowledge that direct inspiration.

To highlight just two examples: Pepita Aris’ Recipes From My Spanish Grandmother is a culinary treat, packed with tempting Spanish home cooking. Try this Potato Tortilla, or Fabada – a bean and sausage hotpot that is as warming and nourishing as home-cooking gets.
In Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen, Sharon Wee documents the Peranakan cuisine of her childhood in Singapore. Try these umami-rich Chicken Drumsticks, or sweeten things up with a Pandan Chiffon Cake.

Do also take a look at our Memoir Bookshelf, for a wealth of food -filled stories.

A spotlight on Damien Pignolet

Chef Damien Pignolet, a third generation Australian of French heritage, has over four decades of experience at the stoves. He has been highly influential in passing on both knowledge and passion for classic cookery to subsequent generations of award-winning chefs.
Roberta Muir, who has known and learnt from Pignolet for many years, caught up with him to take a look back at his life and career. In a conversation filled with memories of great restaurants and outstanding culinary moments, Pignolet and Muir conjure up a feast of recipes that will have you longing to get cooking.
Newly added to ckbk both French and Salades are filled with wonderful food and wisdom from the man himself. Recipes are the carefully chosen selection of classics you would expect from a master of French cuisine, and they are just as carefully explained. Both books will add enormously to your repertoire.
From the very finest Salade Niçoise, to a Ballottine of Chicken with Spinach & Goat’s Cheese, with Braised Lentils & Sauce Vierge. And then who could resist Raspberry & Butter-Toasted Almond Tart.

Put your questions to ckbk and Eat Your Books co-founders

The partnership between ckbk and Eat Your Books has been a boon for users of both sites – we know many ckbk users also subscribe to Eat Your Books and vice versa. Do you have questions, suggestions or ideas for how you would like to see the two sites develop, or about cookbooks and online recipes more generally? ckbk co-founder Matt Cockerill and Eat Your Books co-founder Jane Kelly will be answering your questions in our livestream Q&A on Wednesday March 20th (7pm UK / 3pm Eastern / Midday Pacific)
Based near Boston, Massachusetts, Jane Kelly began her career as a CEO and company manager in the music and TV industries. She founded Eat Your Books as she wanted an easy way to find recipes in her large cookbook collection.
Before starting ckbk, Matt was a science publisher. As co-founder of open access pioneer BioMed Central, he helped to bring the scientific journals into the digital age. Food was never far from his mind though, and with ckbk he was able to make the most of his passion for all things culinary.
Sign up here to attend the free livestream. If you'd like to send a question for Jane and Matt in advance you can email them to us.
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Japanese Knife Company ckbk survey competition winner!

It is always good to see a happy ckbk reader at the kitchen counter, and Sylvia Bereknyei Merrell is thrilled with her win, a knife from the Japanese Knife Company.
"Please see me cutting using the beautiful Japanese knife! Just making a mirepoix for pasta sauce today to make spaghetti and meatballs as a special request for my kiddos. As a newer ckbk user, I’ve enjoyed looking through the vast array of resources, learning new techniques, trying out new recipes, and discovering new cookbook authors! Up next: A Whisper of Cardamom."

Remember that you can get a special 10% discount code at the Japanese Knife Company – just apply the discount code CKBK at check out.

What's in season: Leeks

Leeks are a member of the onion family, and as such are a valuable base note in many dishes, adding sweetness and depth of flavor – try this Barley Leek Soup.
Much milder than onions, and losing any harsh flavors on cooking, leeks can also take centre stage. Braised Leeks or Leeks Vinaigrette form a wonderful lunch dish or starter. Their sweet allium taste is also good roasted, fried, or baked into quiches, gratins, tarts and pies.

Try this Leek and Parmesan Tart, or Roast Leeks with Thyme and Garlic.
For more lovely leeks explore the recipes in our collection of 12 Ways with Leeks.

6 of the best breakfasts

Delicious dinner, lavish lunch? Then let’s not ignore breakfast. Inspired by Darren Purchese’s Chefs Eat Breakfast Too, we bring you six brilliant breakfasts.

French Toast with Gianduia Whipped Cream

from Peace, Love & Pasta by Scott Conant

Egg, Ham and Spinach Croissants

from Oakville Grocery the Cookbook by Weldon Owen

Sweet Potato Courgette and Feta Fritters

from Brunch with Brother Marcus by Tasos Gaitanos and Alex Large

First Class Muffin

from Bad Girl Bakery by Jeni Iannetta

Filo Wrapped Fried Egg

from Chefs Eat Breakfast Too by Darren Purchese

Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing

from Let’s Do Brunch by Brigit Binns
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