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Newsletter: Delicious & healthy vegan food + a spotlight on pasta for World Pasta Day

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 Plant-based recipes for the athlete and the gourmet

Vegan cooking used to be niche, and the foods on offer were "same old, same old" with recipes that were worthy but uninspiring. That is no longer the case — there's now now glorious and tasty variety of options for those who want to cook and eat plant-based food. We are pleased to offer two new books to help you on your quest.
Vegan ultramarathon runner Matt Frazier started his blog No Meat Athlete in 2009, in an era when a vegan or vegetarian diet was rarely credited with aiding peak performance. In his book The No Meat Athlete Cookbook: Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes to Fuel your Workouts… and your Life, he charts the rise in understanding of vegan diets, and how to make it work for you, athlete or not.
His co-author, food writer, yoga teacher and wellness coach Stepfanie Romine is herself a vegan, a runner, and married to a competitive cyclist. Between them they are focused on plant-based food as fuel, and as a healthy approach for an active, demanding life.

Try starting your day with Breakfast Tofu Burritos, then how about Confetti Quinoa Salad for lunch. And if you are limbering up for a race, bake a batch of Calorie Bomb Cookies.
Cookbook author Taymer Mason turned vegan while at The University of the West Indies, and started vegan-ising the beloved Caribbean recipes she had been taught by her family.
In her book Caribbean Vegan: Plant-Based, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion, she brings the colour, the herbs, the aromatic spicing, and the vibrance of Caribbean cooking to your kitchen. Try Caribbean Kale Salad, with its fresh herb dressing. Bake a glazed Rum Cake, and serve a thirst-quenching Tamarind Cocktail alongside. Happy island days!
Pictured above: Loaded Spaghetti Squash from The No Meat Athlete Cookbook by Matt Frazier and Stepfanie Romine
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You can also simply add the words "quick" and/or "easy" to your search for the same end result: e.g. quick vegetarian soups

Let’s get cooking for World Pasta Day

Celebrated since 1995, when 40 pasta producers gathered to hold a World Pasta Congress, World Pasta Day is a chance to sing the praises of this most popular of foods. We need no excuse to cook, or eat, pasta. But are nonetheless always happy to have one.
For inspiration take a look at our bookshelf of pasta books. Try Fusilli with Belgian Endive, Leeks and Roasted Peppers from the award winning Guiliano Hazan. One of the many superb recipes from his photographic catalogue of pasta The Classic Pasta Cook Book. Take some time to explore different shapes and styles.
Try Farfalle with Fresh Salmon and Peas or Penne with Tomatoes and Prosciotto. Not forgetting filled and stuffed pasta – try this Tortelloni Filled with Ricotta and Parsley, or a Lasagne alle Zucchini.

Ingredient spotlight: capers

Capers are the pickled flower buds of a Mediterranean shrub, now cultivated throughout Europe, and in particular France, Spain and Italy, to produce this piquant, bitter-sour delicacy. The buds must be picked before flowering, which means daily harvesting – a labour intensive business which is reflected in their cost. With their unique, intense taste, capers are a valuable addition to many dishes, and are included in a range of classic sauces, such as Sauce Tartare.
They make a natural partnership with anchovies and sage, such as in this recipe for Fried Eggs with Capers, Anchovies and Sage. And they are particularly good with fish – try this Seared Escalope of Salmon with a Potato & Spring Onion Salad, Capers & Browned Butter – and lamb – try these Spicy Lamb Pies with Capers.
For these and more recipes that make the most of capers explore our 16 Ways with Capers collection.

6 of the best cobbler recipes

Cobbler: comforting, crowd-pleasing, easy to make. Here are six wonderful cobblers for you.

Leek and Red Onion Cobbler with Potato and Cheese Pastry

from Almost Vegetarian Cookbook by Josceline Dimbleby

To Die For, Berry, Cherry Nut Cobbler

from The Ultimate Guide to Grilling by Rick Browne

Apple Cobbler

from The Cook's Book of Everything by Lulu Grimes

Peach-Berry Cobbler w/ Whipped Sour Cream

from Pulp by Abra Berens

Chicken "Cobbler"

from Slow Cook Modern by Liana Krissoff

Lattice Blackberry Cobbler

from The Glory of Southern Cooking by James Villas
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