Ottolenghi: The Cookbook

By Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi

Original Publisher
Ebury Press
Date of publication

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Recommended by

Jeremy Pang

Founder & Head Chef of School of Wok

Although the Chinese do not seem to have a 'veg only' diet in any way, having been brought up in the UK, I do like to have a variation in my meals throughout the week and love to experiment with light, natural flavours and ingredients. I'm sure many will agree that Ottolenghi has a knack for making fresh salads and root vegetables stand out and I love the balance of flavours through the recipe book.

Rowan Yapp


All his books have had an impact on me but I have picked the first as that was the original game-changer; it caused a revolution by stealth. As well as getting me excited about a whole new region of food it also made me think about salads and baking with new eyes. No mean feat for one single book.

Holly Bell

Recipe writer, presenter and blogger

After leaving London I missed the wonderful coffee shops and international delis, so abundant in their wares. The pictures in this book make me London-sick. The recipes always result in enquiries for more.

Julie Friend

Chef, food writer and Masterchef winner

I remember visiting the first Ottolenghi in Notting Hill and standing spellbound in front of the window display. It influenced much of what I did i my delis and for my private catering.

Eleanor Maidment

Food writer

What a ground-breaking book. I think it truly change the way we cook, introducing ideas of colour, texture and so many ingredients that we hadn’t really cooked with before.

Victoria Prever

Food Editor, Jewish Chronicle

I could have chosen a few of this lovely man’s books. I love the first one as I’ve probably cooked more from it than any of the others. A classic.

Emma Kay

Food writer

In many ways this book changed the way I work with food and provided me with the opportunity to experiment with lots of new flavours.

Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra

Food writer and author

The big bold flavours and intriguing spice blends paired with often very ordinary vegetables made me sit up and take notice.

PJ Kenny

General Manager, The Hoxton, London

It is flavour, easy fresh ingredients and easy to follow, all wrapped up in an less complicated cooking style.

Nicola Twilley


This is the first Ottolenghi cookbook I owned (in the UK edition) and it's the best, I think.

Misti Traya

Food writer

Whenever I'm cooking for vegetarian guests I really want to impress, this is the book I use.

Luiz Hara

Blogger of The London Foodie

This is perhaps the most used book in my collection, I return to it all the time

Caroline Craig

Food writer

A kindred (aubergine-loving) spirit. This book is phenomenal.

Liz Williams

Founder of SoFAB

The best vegetable cookbook ever, with lots of inspiration.

Cath Kerry

Writer, trainer, former chef and restaurateur

A breath of fresh air. Went "viral" because we needed it.

Jenny Hartin

Cookbook critic

His recipes are stunning and delicious.

Philip Howard

Chef and Owner, The Square

John Quilter

Broadcaster and chef

Elly Curshen

Writer and Owner of Pear Cafe

Atul Kochhar

Chef Patron of Benares

Sophie McNally

(Formerly) Operations Manager at Keith McNally restaurants in NYC

Barry Smith


Paul A Young

Master Chocolatier & Director, Paul A. Young fine chocolates

Julian Carter

Head Baker

Mark LaBrooy

Head Chef and Owner Three Blue Ducks (with co - Owner Darren Robertson)

Carianne Wilkinson

Vice-principal of Silwood Cookery School

Xanthe Clay

Food writer and Daily Telegraph columnist

Kylee Newton

Preserver, cookbook author and sometime food stylist

Gerhard Jenne

Creator of Konditor & Cook

Caz Hildebrand

Creative Partner at Here Design

Simon Hurley

Artisan olive producer

Hannah Rhodes

Founder of Hiver Beers

Marissa Nicosia

Assistant Professor at Penn State Abington

Frances Quinn

Food writer and television presenter

Judy Joo

Chef, Author and TV personality

John Healey

Celebrity Maitre d'

Sam Stern

Food writer