Sichuan Cookery

by Fuchsia Dunlop

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Michael Joseph
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Recommended by

Bee Wilson

Food writer and historian

Dunlop, who trained at the school of cookery in Chengdu, opened our eyes to a completely different style of Chinese cooking, edgy with chillis and fermented beans. She is the true heir to Elizabeth David: a traveller-cook with exceptional taste.

Chris Ying

Editor-in-Chief, Lucky Peach

Fuchsia gets Chinese food. She's done a tremendous service for Westerners in unpacking a very dense and insular cooking culture. Every time someone "discovers" some new Chinese dish, chances are Fuchsia's already written about it.

Tom Parker Bowles

Restaurant Critic, Food Writer and Broadcaster

All of the food of Sichuan is here, with history, technique and ingredients thrown in alongside the clasisc recipes. Emminently readable, elegantly written and a true taste of one of China's great regions.

Lizzie Kamenetzky

Food writer and food stylist

Fuchsia opened my eyes to the wonders of chinese cookery, its flavours and complexities but also how simple and light and elegant it can be. Her recipe for mapo doufu is magnificent.

Melissa McCart

Food writer and restaurant critic

Some of my favorite restaurants are Sichuan here in Pittsburgh (and New York) and there's no better English-speaking guide through the flavors of this captivating regional cuisine.

Ivan Orkin


A new classic. She's got such a great honest story and the recipes rock. Such a big fan.

Linda Anusasananan

Cookbook author

Authentic Sichuan recipes.

Harold McGee

Author and lecturer

Chris Stueart

Co-founder, FOOD-X

J. Kenji López-Alt

Managing Culinary Director, Serious Eats

Lizzie Mabbott

Author of 'Chinatown Kitchen' and Hollow Legs

Karima Moyer-Nocchi

Food historian and writer

Jill Norman

Author and editor

Robyn Eckhardt

Food and travel journalist and author

Helen Graves

Food and travel writer

Daniel Halpern

Publisher, Ecco

Ben Norum

Food and drink writer

Sandor Ellix Katz

Fermentation revivalist

Matt Lee

Author, columnist and TV host

Raymond Sokolov

Food writer

Anne Mendelson

Author and editor