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Newsletter: Abra Berens shows us how to make the most of all that grows + Stuart Ralston launches today!

Abra Berens shows us how to make the most of all that grows + Stuart Ralston launches today!
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 Ruffage, Grist, Pulp, a trilogy of books from Abra Berens

“Ingredients can be repetitive, but meals need not be.” Abra Berens
Michigan-based chef and cookbook author Abra Berens has been a James Beard Award semi-finalist for her cooking, and nominated for her debut cookbook Ruffage: A Practical Guide to Vegetables. We are delighted to now have a trio of Berens’ books on ckbk: Ruffage, Grist: A Practical Guide to Cooking Grains, Beans, Seeds and Legumes, and Pulp: A Practical Guide to Cooking with Fruit.
A former farmer, Berens has a true understanding of plants, and how to use them to form the basis of delicious, diverse, year-round cooking. This is not vegan, or even vegetarian food, but advice and inspiration from a chef who knows how to use what grows and use it exceptionally well.
Her aim is to give you the tools to go to the market, or your garden fetch what is at its best, or even just what is available, and then turn to the pages of her books to base your menu around what you have found, creating glorious flavor.

Ruffage even includes an experiment in understanding seasoning; what to do when you are instructed to ‘season to taste’.
Start your day well with Sweet Rice Porridge with Dried Cherries and Five Spice. Elevate roots and brassicas into this Matchstick Salad – fresh and crunchy, brought together with a simple dressing.

Try Parsnip Purée with Duck Breast, Radicchio, and Cranberry Relish for a warming, earthy supper.
Make granola your go-to at any time of day with this crunchy, spiced, Savory Granola. Feed body and soul with this Beans & Greens Pot Licker.

And don’t think Berens has forgotten your sweet tooth, she hasn’t. Bake a batch of the wonderfully named Apples in Pyjamas, or try fully indulgent (but easy to make) Rice Pudding with Sherry Roasted Grapes.
Find all 500+ recipes from Ruffage, Grist & Pulp
Pictured above: Roast Chicken Over Blueberries, Cornbread + Lemon from Pulp: A Practical Guide to Cooking with Fruit by Abra Berens

Happy publication day to Stuart Ralston!

Watermelon with lime, chile & saltWe are delighted to bring you chef Stuart Ralston’s debut cookbook Catalogued Ideas and Random Thoughts – A Cookbook, published today October 5. We spoke to Ralston ahead of publication for our cookbook preview feature, and found out more about his Edinburgh restaurants Aizle, Noto, and the recently opened tipo (which focuses on pasta). The book is reflective of his story in food and his creative style, a document of his magpie mind and of the delicious and skillful dishes that it has produced. It is a storehouse of treats for the serious foodie.

Try Chocolate, Amazake, Salted Milk, a technical dessert marrying chocolate with a slight kick of citrus and miso. Or this Tête de Cochon Terrine, which requires significant prep, but is a pork lover’s delight.
There are also recipes for the home cook, that are still the result of his attention to detail and inquiring mind – such as Ralston’s take on Soda Bread, or the Pizza that is his son’s favorite supper.

And don’t miss the Chocolate Tart that we included in our preview feature – an easy-to-make showstopper!

It's National Curry Week

Now in its 25th year, National Curry Week (this year October 2 – 8) aims to celebrate the rich culture of Indian food in the UK, encouraging us to cook in, eat out, and enjoy our curries.
Mridula Baljekar has written 27 books on Indian cookery, and is one of the ambassadors of National Curry Week. Her magnum opus; The Complete Indian Regional Cookbook: 300 Classic Recipes from the Great Regions of India has everything you need to get involved. Try Lamb in Ginger and Yoghurt, served with Spiced Gram Flour Flat Bread.
How about a Sweet and Salty Lime Drink alongside, and then Cardamom-Scented Banana Fudge for after.

Ingredient spotlight: quince

The quince is a relative of the apple and pear, and also originates in the Caucasus. It has a long and poetic history, associated by the Greeks with Aphrodite – the golden apple given to her by Paris is thought to have been a quince. They are less popular than their relatives, as they require lengthy cooking before they can be eaten. A rich yellow color, quince have a glorious aromatic scent and flavor that enhances any dish to which they are added, sweet or savory.
Try Oeufs à la Coing, a version of oeufs à la neige (floating islands), in which the meringue perches on poached quince. Or try these delicately spiced Baked Quinces. For more recipes making the most of this ambrosial fruit explore our collection; 12 Ways with Quince.

6 of the best salmon recipes 

Salmon is one of the most widely available and popular types of fish, and regarded as a healthy choice particularly thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids. If you cook salmon regularly and want some new ideas (or if you don’t but feel perhaps you should!) here are six great recipes to try. 

Coconut & Tamarind Salmon Curry with Mustard Seeds

from My Street Food Kitchen by Jennifer Joyce

Salmon and Avocado Sandwiches

from Simply Salmon by James Peterson

Salmon Crunch

from Whole by Melissa Delport

Aromatic Salmon in a Pouch

from How to Cook Italian by Guiliano Hazan

Salmon Provençal with Fingerling Potatoes & Cherry Tomatoes

from Sheet Pan by Kate McMillan

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Salmon

from Paul Bocuse
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