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Newsletter: Celebrate World Vegetarian Day + our favorite seasonal eats

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Ideas aplenty for plant-based cooking

Vegetarianism, as a term, only came into general use after the formation of the Vegetarian Society at Ramsgate in England in 1847, writes food historian Alan Davidson. “However,” he says, “the phenomenon, that is to say the existence of significant numbers of people who as a matter of principle did not eat animal flesh, dates back to classical times or beyond.”
We need no excuse to focus on meat-free or plant-based cooking, but World Vegetarian Day, October 1, is nonetheless a good one – and there is plenty to choose from on ckbk. Have a look at the books in our Veg-centric Feasts showcase and explore our collection of 24 Hearty Vegetarian Dishes. Try your hand at a Vegan Bunny Chow, Singapore Noodles or treat yourself to the Ultimate Moussaka.
Indian cooks are rightly respected for the care, attention and sheer creativity afforded to cooking vegetables and meat-free meals. Our collection of Unbeatable Indian Vegetarian Dishes features comforting curries and recipes that put vegetables center-stage. Try Najmieh Batmanglij’s Mughal Mushroom Curry, or Nisha Katona’s recipe for Courgette and Bay. These recipes make inexpensive, simple ingredients the deserving stars of the show.
Try a couple of dishes from Urvashi Roe’s new book Biting Biting, such as from Gram Flour Dumplings in a Tomato Sauce or simple Gujarati-style Dhal. Tasty, satisfying, and easy on the pocket.
Try 144 vegetarian noodle dishes
Pictured above: Fragrant Laksa with Tofu Puffs from The Vegetarian Kitchen by Prue Leith and Peta Leith

New to your ckbk bookshelf

This week we bring you two exciting new cookbooks, both from first-time authors who have an international perspective.
Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora
By Angela Dimayuga

In her tempting debut cookbook, the celebrated US-based chef shares her passion for Filipino food with home cooks. “Every Filipino meal is a collaboration between cook and diner,” writes Dimayuga, underscoring the social aspect of Filipino cuisine. This is the kind of food that is just made for sharing.
Recipes, many from her extended family, are colorful, flavorful, and interwoven with stories about the author’s life, her career, and the sense of belonging that cooking can give. Try Sinigang Roast Chicken served with potatoes and onions or Sour Tamarind Broth with Pork and Vegetable. For something sweet, wow them with Mango-Turmeric Chiffon Cake.
52 Weeks 52 Sweets
By Vedika Luthra
Heads up, baking fans. This cookbook delivers a sensational seasonal baking recipe to bake – one for every week of the year. Netherlands-based Luthra’s YouTube channel, ‘Hot Chocolate Hits’ is hugely popular, with 180,000 subscribers, and “approachable but impressive” baking is what she aims for.
Her Apple and Cardamom Cake is a fusion of her Indian roots and Polish upbringing and her Cherry Hand Pies are inspired by the time she has spent living in the Netherlands. Mark the end of September with her Classic Apple Pie, which Luthra describes as “the symbol of fall.”

Yom Kippur: dishes to prepare for after the fast

This year, Yom Kippur falls on October 4 and 5. After the solemnity of The Day of Atonement, the recipes in our collection of Dishes to Break the Fast at Yom Kippur are ideal for your special gathering. Chicken will always have a place at the table. Try Poulet aux Coings, an Algerian tagine of chicken with quince, followed by the gently spiced goodness of Saffron Rice Pudding for dessert.

Replay our cheese livestream

A big thanks to everyone who joined us on September 21 for the latest in our series of free virtual events – we enjoyed a fascinating discussion on cheese!
Chiswick Cheese Market founder and cookbook author Fran Warde hosted a packed hour. She was joined by cheesemaker Mary Quicke MBE, managing director of Quicke’s (who have been kind enough to offer our UK readers 10% off their first Quicke’s order with the code CKBK10), and Perry James Wakeman, Affineur of the Year and Chief of Cheese at Rennet and Rind
All aspects of cheese were covered, from the best ways to store it at home, to flavor profiles and how to pair cheese with other ingredients, right through to how to make the most of leftover cheese rinds in your cooking.

If you weren’t able to attend – or if you liked it so much you want to watch it all over again – the recording is now available to view online.
You might like to munch something from our new collection of Classic Cheese Snacks to enjoy while you watch the recording. Who could resist a Crisp Parmesan Biscuit or three!

What to cook now: guinea fowl & acorn squash

Guinea fowl is so called because it is native to the Guinea coast of West Africa. Originally a game bird, it has been domesticated for 500 years. These birds are about the size of a small chicken and are ideal if you’re after a fowl with a bit more flavor: their taste is somewhere between chicken and pheasant.
The recipes in our 12 Ways with Guinea Fowl collection run the gamut from roast, braised, and steamed to rolled and stuffed. Try Grilled Guinea Fowl with Pilaf Rice, or a temptingly spicy Tandoori-Style Whole Guinea Fowl. Or head to Italy and make good use of the country’s wine in this recipe for Guinea Fowl with Barolo.
With its beautiful dark-green skin and succulent bright-orange flesh, acorn squash is versatile and tasty. The subtle flavor and silky texture is set off beautifully by all kinds of spices and herbs, and accentuated by a touch of sweetness. Try roasting the halves and serving them stuffed with this Persian Stuffed Acorn Squash with Ground Lamb recipe or try a Soothing Winter Squash and Miso Stew.
For more ideas, all the recipes in our 12 Ways with Acorn Squash collection make the most of this wonderful vegetable.

6 of the best salads for fall

The weather may be on the turn for many of us, but there is still time to enjoy a salad. Try one of these fresh seasonal ideas.

Warm Green Bean, Egg and Potato Salad with Parmesan Dressing

from A World in My Kitchen by Peter Gordon

Autumn Everything Bowl with Beet Yogurt Sauce

from I Can Cook Vegan by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Radish, Chicory & Marinated Pear Salad

from French Countryside Cooking by Daniel Galmiche

Autumn Salad with Hazelnuts, Fried Mushrooms & Yoghurt-Nut Dressing

from Home Made by Yvette van Boven

Salad of Pink, Red and Golden Beetroot with Fig, Goats Curd Cylinder and Truffle Honey

from Quay by Peter Gilmore

Bavarian Style Kartoffelsalat

from Salmagundi by Sally Butcher
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