By David Chang and Peter Meehan

Original Publisher
Clarkson Potter
Date of publication

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Recommended by

Chris Ying

Editor-in-Chief, Lucky Peach

This book demonstrated to me exactly how far food has come as a cultural institution. Here were two guys who were interested and knowledgable about so much more than food, and who had a story to tell. Their cookbook was a great book, not just a great cookbook, and that really shifted the earth underneath my feet.

Ken Concepcion


If there was ever a cookbook that captured the grit & grind aspect of its restaurant and chef, this was it. Meehan perfectly documented the culture and ethos of Chang and the incredible DIY culture and hustle of Momofuku. Hugely influential to countless of chefs and restaurants today.

Ann Yonetani

Founder and owner of NYrture Food

I've been a hardcore fan of Momofuku & co. ever since being one of their very first ramen bar customers. Love his creative, casual and critical approach, a fun read as well.

Terry Durack

Restaurant critic, author, columnist

Kind of the White Heat of the noughties. Much of what we’re eating around the world started life here. Very conscientiously written, tested and researched.

Michael Booth

Food writer

Another paradigm-shifter of a book. Chang doesn’t give a fig for ‘authenticity’, whatever that means. The result: easy-to-recreate deliciousness.

Gizzi Erskine

Chef and food writer

As Chang himself might put it: a fucking fantastic book. Hip, brash and full of new ideas and insanely genius recipes.

Ally-Jane Grossan

Food Blogger

It's beautiful, it's inspirational and I have yet to try my hand at homemade ramen noodles.

Maria Elia


My favourite restaurants in NY, this book is full of lip smacking inspiring recipes

Joel Serra Bevin


The cookbook for the chef and those days you feel like pushing yourself.

Andy Ricker

Chef/Owner Pok Pok Restaurants

A modern classic and a redefining moment in cookbooks

Fred Smith

Beef at Flat Iron

Food you want to eat.

Eelke Plasmeijer

Head Chef and owner, Locavore

Tim Anderson

Chef and food writer

Kate Gibbs

Journalist and author

Lani Kingston

Food professional

Elly Curshen

Writer and Owner of Pear Cafe

Andrea Petrini

Food Curator - Writer - GELINAZ! Road Manager

James Ramsden

Food writer and co-owner of Pidgin restaurant

Alexander Rozin

Professor in the Department of Music Theory, History, and Composition

Noam Ben-Ami

Host of Platypus (San Francisco pop-up)

Job Ubbink

Food scientist

Will Beckett

Co-founder of Hawksmoor

Franck Dangereux

Co-owner of The Food Barn

Dan Hong

Executive Chef, Mr. Wong, Ms G’s, Papi Chulo, El Loco

Stas Anastasiades

Operations Director Milsom Hotels & Restaurants

Alex Harrell

Chef-Owner, Angeline

Eelke Plasmeijer

Head Chef and owner, Locavore

Jane Tran

Executive Chef, Eat First