Larousse Gastronomique

by Prosper Montagné

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Editions Larousse
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Recommended by

Michael Laiskonis

Pastry Chef, Consultant, Writer, Creative Director at ICE, NYC

This hefty volume, along with a durable chefs knife, was among my first investments as a young cook. An encyclopedic treatment of French cuisine from abaisse to zuppa inglese, Larousse remains a rock-solid standard I still reference on occasion. And as modern cooking evolves at an exponential pace, its also an important document of the increasingly obscure, the rare classics in danger becoming forgotten.

Jon Bonné


This is where I'm supposed to talk about "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," but the Larousse (1st American edition, which is what my father gave me) not only taught the basics, it put the entire cuisine into context, including comparison to other cuisines. (Look no further than the charts on American, British and French butchery.) It is canonical.

Gizzi Erskine

Chef and food writer

When I was in my late teens and before I got into Leiths, I discovered Larousse. My mum was an amazing cook, but although she owned the book she never actually read any of it! I devoured it from cover to cover at bedtime and have read it over several times since. I knew I wanted to be a chef because of this book.

Oliver Rowe


This book perhaps provided me with more information about food than any other. Many of the recipes are outlandishly elaborate, and many simply don’t work, but it is, nonetheless, an endlessly valuable mine of gastronomic knowledge.

Peter Hertzmann

Author and Historian

The original 1938 edition pulled together all French cooking and practice from the end of the monarchy to the pre-WWII era. Later editions were extensively revised and are not the same book.

Adam Reid

Head Chef, The French at The Midland Hotel, Manchester

I was first introduced to Larousse by my first exec chef, it inspired me to see beyond just food and into a world of culinary tradition and also invention.

Tom Cockerill


Not an original choice, but I genuinely think I read this from cover to cover when I was gifted a copy as I started out on my cooking journey

Jenny Hartin

Cookbook critic

The definitive step-by-step guide to culinary excellence — key techniques, ingredients and recipes explained in 1,800 photographs.

Shane Osborn


This book is like the Wikipedia of classical French cookery, with pictures and more details than La Repertoire (Escoffier).

Sheryl Kirby

Food writer

Before you could look things up easily on the internet, this was the cook's best reference for understanding a dish.

Francisco Migoya

Head Chef at The Cooking Lab

Perhaps not my go to book for a long time, but fundamental to my first years as an apprentice and curious cook.

Rita Erlich

Food writer

The first English edition, for preference. The later ones are more modern, less intensely French.

Tandy Sinclair


The one book no serious cook should be without and the first book I would recommend anyone buys.

Fergus Henderson


If you want to make a display of radishes in aspic with truffles, this is the book for you.

Donovan Cooke

Executive Chef and co-owner, The Atlantic Restaurant

A TRUE classic, it represents the history of all things French, while being approachable.

Richard Corrigan


The world’s culinary reference and filled with tips and a must for all enthusiasts.

Job Ubbink

Food scientist

I am using the 1996 French edition, but (naturally) also available in English

James Winter

Executive Editor, Saturday Kitchen

Just an immense piece of work and so thorough and reliable. I love it.

Anna Olson


The bible for French-based cooking - never goes out of style

Tony Singh

Chef and TV Presenter

It's what I had for bedtime reading as a student.

Bronte Aurell

Co-owner of ScandiKitchen

Of course, this is one of the classics

Chris Stueart

Co-founder, FOOD-X

I have a 1963 edition that's amazing

Gabriel Gaté


It blends recipes and information.

Sandy Jarvis

Head Chef & partner at The Culpeper

Essential. Just essential.

Tim Spector

Scientist, physician, author & amateur cook

The cooking Bible

Ally-Jane Grossan

Food Blogger

Must read.

Vivek Singh

Executive Chef & CEO: The Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen & Cinnamon Soho

Tom Kerridge

Owner/Chef Patron of The Hand and Flowers and The Coach, Marlow

Philip Howard

Chef and Owner, The Square

Barry Smith


Ben Reade

Co-Owner/Chef at Edinburgh Food Studio

Kit Chapman


Erik Murnighan

President, International Culinary Center

Christophe Lavelle

Biophysicist, epigeneticist and food scientist

Franco Taruschio

Chef/proprietor and cookbook author

Nevin Halici

Chef and author

David Higgs

Chef, restaurant owner and partner

Frank Ruta

Executive Chef, The Grill Room at Capella Washington, D.C.

Matt Abé

Chef de Cuisine, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Charles Shere

Writer and composer

Lindsey Shere

Pastry chef

George Kao

Director of Sales, Sun Noodle

Jacquy Pfeiffer

Academic Dean, The French Pastry School

Eelke Plasmeijer

Head Chef and owner, Locavore

Carey Polis

Editor, Bon Appetit

Fred Morin

Chef and author

Pierre Hermé

Pastry chef

John Healey

Celebrity Maitre d'

Andrew Maxwell

MD and Principal, Tante Marie Culinary Academy

Paul A Young

Master Chocolatier & Director, Paul A. Young fine chocolates

John Quilter

Broadcaster and chef

Alexander Lobrano

Author, Hungry for Paris

Wolfgang Puck

Chef and restaurateur

Prue Leith

Founder of Leiths Group, food writer and author

Sarah Thompson

Distiller and Botanical Wine Maker

Chase Kojima

Executive Chef of Sokyo and Kiyomi

Jody Williams

Chef and owner of Buvette

Andy Hayler

Restaurant critic

Andrew McConnell

Executive Chef and Owner

David Moore


Anthony Power

Chef and author

Mark LaBrooy

Head Chef and Owner Three Blue Ducks (with co - Owner Darren Robertson)

Carianne Wilkinson

Vice-principal of Silwood Cookery School

John Corbett

Food writer, editor

Wylie Dufresne

Former chef and owner of wd-50 and Alder restaurants

Edward Behr

Editor, The Art of Eating

Michael Rantissi

Kepos Street Kitchen & Kepos & Co

Lisa Marley

Founder of Cocoa Box

Tracey Ryder

Co-founder of Edible Communities

Richard Bertinet

Baker & Chef